To raise awareness and drive consideration and revenue at a crucial moment as cities began opening up after the pandemic.
The hero line: ‘We’re here,’ promoted positivity and served as a creative device to increase acquisition locally, the message was paired with a simple pin element to communicate the convenience of using a WeWork space. This pin device was rolled out as a frame for imagery and also across the window vinyl displays, in big, bold
abstracted forms that danced between the different panels for a sense of fun whilst maintaining consistency across touchpoints. For the digital creative, messaging about the benefits of reconnecting in person and getting back to 'normal life' was paired with bold and bright illustrations. These were then translated into playful animations which transitioned from the pain points of working from home to getting people excited to get back to the office environment. 
The campaign was so successful it was nominated for a Drum Award. The campaign also gained so much traction in the London market that it was reinterpreted and translated for the Parisian market.

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