To create the packaging and brand story for a boutique peanut butter brand aimed at the active and
The concept was reached after discovering a wild form of peanut that grows in the Huayana mountain 
ranges in Peru called the Sacha Inchi. The Sacha Inchi is a superfood that can improve cognitive brain
function and reduce body fat: which perfectly resonates with the target demographic. 
Further research uncovered that the oldest peanut butter pod was found in Peru dating back to around 200 CE.
At this time the Moche civilisation of Northern Peru was flourishing. The Moche were revered for their textiles,
ceramics, and their love of peanuts. Peanuts were depicted throughout their artwork and symbolized the connection to the land therefore, it was important for the packaging to be sustainable (created from discarded peanut husk.) Their artworks served as the main inspiration and really kicked off the visual direction for the brand with crude, repeat patterns and illustrations taking precedence alongside an earthen colour palette modernised with bold accents of pink and blue.

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