A Peckham based campaign to educate the local community on the importance of holistic health
in modern society and keeping the findings of the 1926 Peckham Experiment alive in the community today.

Through engaging the local community with a playful programme of events, exhibitions, and workshops
the central idea is to provide education and opportunity to transform the overall health and wellbeing of Peckham residents through a focus on preventative measures. The messaging was created by looking at compelling facts on the benefits of social connection, and keeping active and participatory community
models to draw residents in.

The visual identity was inspired by Frobisher Place the stunning modernist building which housed the Peckham experiment in 1926, opting for blocky / bauhaus esque shapes and colours to form the palette and graphic elements for the campaign. The graphic elements represent the five pillars of hollistic health which act as visual language indicating the area of health is discussed. The black and white image treatment also stemmed from the experiment combining the original imagery of the Peckham experiment with more modern-day visuals but treated in a saturated black and white. 

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